• Art catalogues: gnoseology, epistemologies and knowledge networks

    Critical and computational analysis

  • ArtCatalog is a project funded by the National Research Plan (HAR2014-51915-P)

    Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

  • Artcatalog is an international consortium of research groups


The catalogue is one of the textual-narrative structures that has had the greatest impact on the construction and modelling of artistic knowledge, and on the creation of its narratives and discourse (by legitimising or delegitimising them). In fact, the construction of art history is based on a process of categorising cultural products, and on a dynamics involving inclusions and exclusions, the formation of hierarchies and silences, of which the catalogue is a fundamental instrument.



the traditional interpretative-critical exercise of the theory of art with the application of computational and methodological technologies associated with the Digital Humanities


to shed new light on art catalogues as discursive devices, legitimising (and delegitimising) instruments and spaces that allow social interaction.


simultaneous and complementary lines of research that cover topics ranging from the unravelling of its textual genealogy to its contemporary digital transformation.



Catalogues numériques. Vers l’interopérabilité (February 5, 2019)

Over the past ten years, there has been an increasing number of digital projects using catalogues: exhibition catalogues, sales catalogues, catalogue raisonnés, museum catalogues...

Cultural networks in the global data society

El grupo de investigación iArtHis_Lab en colaboración con el Departamento de Historia del Arte de la Universidad de Málaga organiza esta conferencia que será pronunciada por Juan Luis Suárez, director del laboratorio CulturePlex de la Universidad de Western Ontario.